On a Trip Made of Spontaneous Decisions, This Was One of the Best

Due to heavy traffic, we decided to head back from Namhae a day early. All our hearts were breaking because none of us wanted to end this magical vacation of weird spontanaeity, generous locals, and succulent sights to see. (But I’ll get to those in a few future posts – still blogging largely off my work computer).

So we headed to Masan to catch connecting buses to Wonju and Cheongju respectively, but traffic dictated that we didn’t have enough time to make the connections. HY and WN were both planning on spending the night anyway, so we figured what the hell! We’ll (Andrea, S, and I’ll) find a place too.

Let’s first say that we had about as much awareness of Masan of a blind iguana has of a neon disco light show.

Thus when we arrived and found that it not only housed the best authentic Mexican restaurant outside Mexico (more on this to follow), but also a thriving arts scene, we were quite excitedly bobbing our faces in every store window. It was already 9pm by the time we got to tour the area, but it was such a quiet and peaceful experience after the tourist infested island of Namhae.

So I present you with these photos of our nighttime stroll through artist town, Masan.


Gate that kinda looks like a cross between Batman, Invader Zim, and Cthulu.


Found a James Joyce Cafe.



And a year-round Halloween themed pub.


Stopped in some lovely boutiques with quirky yet beaautiful merchandise – such as these personal-sized teapots.


Which is also where I got this hat! (Been looking for one like this for ages!!) As for the mural…


…the kids’ faces are rather creepy…but it was kinda cool street art all the same? Maybe the nighttime and the whine of neon lights cranked up the creepy.


Andrea was very uncertain about how to feel next to them.


But she loved the ant one we came across!!

We were out until about 10:30, then raced home to watch Cosmos – only to discover a documentary on Buddha’s bone relics was on instead and the Cosmos advertisements had meant it was on at 11pm Saturday. Rude. (Although I guess it is a long holiday for Buddha’s birthday…)

But after a good night’s sleep – the first since Friday night – we went exploring the town again til our afternoon bus.

Here’s Andrea, the triumphant angel!


And so ended our successful and spontaneous vacation. If only it were longer…I am far more cut out for a life being a nomad than a teacher.

4 thoughts on “On a Trip Made of Spontaneous Decisions, This Was One of the Best

  1. So glad it was a magical vacation. You all deserve it! The artist town looks wonderful…year-round Halloween, amazing teapots and wall murals to pose by!!! (even if one of them looks exactly like the ants that always happen inside the house this time of year)


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