I’m Like, Baby, Baby, Baby, Ooohhh, I Made A Mistake

I made a mistake today.

For our class wide reward system, my 5-2 class was the first to reach 3rd prize, learning an English song.

The options I suggested were “What Does the Fox Say”, “Call Me Maybe”, and “Let It Go”. My money was on the latter, since the kids are still wild about Frozen (almost every class without fail, someone calls me Elsa, and just today I saw three first graders costumed in the ice queen’s blue and white sparkly dress).

Now here’s where I made my error: I offered the class a choice of another song they wanted if they were unsatisfied with any of the options – provided of course, it had appropriate lyrics.

Kids suggested, Avril’s “What the Hell” (blast from the past much? But nope, not appropriate), “You Raise Me Up” (a bit dramatic, but hey), and…*shudder*…”Baby” by the Bieber Fever inducer himself.

Alas, every hand went up at that last one and now I’m embitteredly shackled to my promise to let them choose their own song.

Forty minutes of Justin Bieber tomorrow morning is not how I anticipated to spend my Wednesday ;____;

My co-teacher, HM, said that this video is responsible for the popularity of “Baby” in Korea – possibly even the viral moment that infected the country with Bieber Fever. So I share this with you here, this boy who did not know what he was doing, the boy who thought he was just auditioning for a Korean talent show, and who really plunged the whole nation into darkness.

As for Namhae Chapter 2, it’s in the cooker! This installment’s rather long, but I promise good entertainment value.

2 thoughts on “I’m Like, Baby, Baby, Baby, Ooohhh, I Made A Mistake

  1. BRAAAHHHHH, I can imagine the look on your face when the multitude of hands went up. You probably went up several notches with your suggestion but your mind plummeted eh.


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