Foreshadowing My Demise (Bonus Morning Post)

Today at the end of first period, a girl waited until all the other kids had left the classroom. Then she hid half her face with the door frame, dropped all facial expressions, and whispered in deadpan, “I will become Marta Teacher”.

Expect my skin to be worn as a mantle by a Korean fourth grader any day now.

8 thoughts on “Foreshadowing My Demise (Bonus Morning Post)

    1. Decided to be creepy right back. Did the same facial expression as her as she turned to go and said, “Goodbye…” >:D

      She seemed to enjoy that.


  1. You KNOW you have succeeded when children want to become you. But I saw it right when you did those first Halloween pictures and certain students made theirs look like your art. Congratulations…you are starting a fandom.


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