Teacher Day

Twas Teacher Day today meaning the world sent a little bit of love our way! Korea has this as sort of the teacher version of our Mother’s Day, so students and parents show their appreciation by giving small gifts. (Apparently also large ones too such as expensive watches and money, though it is strictly prohibited at public schools to accept these).

And as one might imagine, I love scoring free stuff so this was awesome (yeup in one simple sentence I’ve robbed all sentiment from the holiday).

It all started when one of my shyest grade 5’s gave me an origami carnation with my name written in hangul. She awkwardly pinned it to my shirt. I heard her ragged breathing indicating terror of interacting with me so closely, but after helping her, we got it pinned in place where it stayed for the day.


It was super cute, as was she. I thanked her profusely.

Then three of my grade sixers tumbled into my office during break to hand me some coffee in between bouts of squeaggling (squeal-giggling). Again I thanked them, grinning wider than the collected works of Tolkien on a shelf (necessary nerdy simile).


After classes finished, we also had flowers delivered to the English Department as a thank-you from the parents.


Their scent immediately perfumed the classroom and wafted lazily from the basket for the rest of the day.


Last but not least, I got a letter from another shy girl, from my sixth grade class this time. It was all written in Koren so HM translated for me.

It was very sweet, saying thank you and expressing concern for how hard it must be for me to have moved from Canada to Korea and all that – and then outright said “I actually don’t like English at all”, but essentially added, “Thanks for trying to speak so we understand anyway”.

“P.S.,” it continued, “you’re beautiful like Elsa.”

HM got a matching letter with the minor adjustment that her P.S. read that she’s beautiful like Anna (because of her dyed red hair).


I also had a different sort of teacher “appreciation” in last period in which one of the fourth grade got to second base when he copped a feel of my boob.

It was a minor disaster – he was.scolded severely by both his homeroom teacher and my other co-teacher JH. He eventually came to the English Department crying as he apologized.

I felt kinda bad because he has ADHD along with other unknown (at least to me) learning disabilities, and didn’t mean it offensively. He told his homeroom teacher he was trying to feel my heartbeat, although I don’t know if that makes it more or less creepy.

But anyway, that was solved!

As a follow-up, the ukulele playing went well! The kids caught on slowly and loved it by the end. The only problem was my fourth graders got jealous and now I’ll have to think of a song for them…

Meh, not the worst of problems.

Anyway I should go to bed now, I stayed up to finish Dune and now my duty is done.

Sleep tight!

One thought on “Teacher Day

  1. Oh the thrill of being so close to the rockstar of your teachers! Same feelings as going backstage at a concert. Thrilled for the girl!
    But my heart hurts for both you and the boy who tried to feel your heartbeat. Maybe he was sure you are a goddess and not real.


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