Street Food: Frozen Strawberries

One of my favourite things about Korea is its street food. Cheongju especially has such divine roadside eats that it’s sometimes hard to choose which one you want to snack on.

Other times you just give in and eat everything, which is what Andrea and I did today.

It started off with frozen strawberries, which I saw last week and made a metal note of to come back and try. Since then, the one cart has multiplied to at least five vendors in a two-block range.

Andrea took these great shots of it.



Basically it’s just kebab-ed strawberries dipped in syrup and frozen over dry ice. Although we’d been keen on ice cream, this was way too awesome looking not to try.

Mandatory selfie a la Andrea.


Eating it was massively painful because the berries – particularly the middle ones – were frozen solid. I applaud Koreans for this refreshing summery snack. (I guess it’s important to mention that it indeed is summer weather – 30 celcius and humid as; turned on the air conditioner for the first time today).


To make it all better the vendor was a woman as sweet as her goods. I asked to take a picture of her and she smiled the most beautiful smile for me.


Absolutely need to eat these as often as possible. In fact we were going to buy another stick, but we were craving something salty.

We decided to get some sausage rolls from my favourite savoury stall. The guy asked if we wanted spicy.

“MOST spicy!” said Andrea in Korean and I nodded emphatically.

The vedor sized us up, our innocent smiles, our clear oblivious understanding of the heat scale. He raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“You cry,” he said in Korean.

We waved away his warning and he shrugged like, “Your funeral,” before dipping and smothering the sausages into the spiciest sauce.


Well, let’s just say I can cross out “crying from food so spicy I think I might become a puddle of hot sauce” from my bucket list.

This came as a shock though because I’ve eaten there before and asked for spicy and it was nowhere near this…guess they’d tricked me in the past and gave me mild, knowing I had no idea how spicy it really was.

And yet it was so immaculately wondrous that even though Andrea and I struggled through and had to buy an ice smoothie halfway through to soothe our burning mouths, we couldn’t stop eating. It’s pork sausage on the outside and rice cake in the middle, the sauce being (before the fire hits at least) the perfect sweet and salty balance.

After that we needed something to ease the slow burn spreading from the epicenter of our lips to the rest of our face. We settled on waffles, because they hadn’t been open for breakfast as we’d hoped and Andrea still hadn’t tried them.

Korean waffles are masterpieces and it’s a surprise I’m not super fat off them considering there’s a stall 10 minutes walking from my apartment. Unlike back home, here you get waffles to carry around with you. They dollop whipped cream in a flavour of your choice (usually vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, straeberry, and melon), drizzle it with honey, and fold it in half like a sandwich for fat people.

Andrea and I split a blueberry cream waffle (since they’re really filling), and it was heavenly.


I think blueberry is my second favourite, after melon.

After that we were very much satiated by our series of food stall snacking and waddled to a bus stop to be delivered back home. Thus ended our food chronicles – which will be continued at the soonest possible occasion!

11 thoughts on “Street Food: Frozen Strawberries

  1. I’m with Jo-Ann! Sounds scrumptious! I KNEW melon would be your favourite filling 😀 I’d be eating this every day. (Maybe you are supposed to let the strawberries thaw a bit so you don’t break a tooth. )


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