What Do You Do On Thursdays?

Thursdays, I spend my afternoons and nivhts prepping for my grade 3-6 lessons at my second school. I fear I’m becoming the stereotype of a fresh, young gradeschool teacher, the kind who browses ESL pinterest feeds and squeals, “It’s so creative and quirky! My kids will love this activity!”; whi comes into class wearing eccentric and haphazard clothing combinations not too far-off from the 12-and-under fashions of the students around her. Just last week, I was wearing my denim unicorn dress – I mean,  come on, it had UNICORNS PRINTED ON IT! How could I say no?? – and the lunch lady, unable to see through her window above the waistline, mistook me for a student and served me child-sized servings. Because what dignified adult wears a unicorn dress and hot pink cardigan to work? (I do.)

Anyway, as Marta rightfully complains, I don’t post…ever…maybe because I haven’t had much time to myself to work on my personal projects to show you. BUT I have been working my ASS off at work, stressing my brains out to no end, thanks to an extremely strenuous new co-teacher with high expectations. But in a “Pain brings improvement” kind of way (he was once a military officer, after all).

So, I’ll just make a series of lesson material posts. It’s something that I’m actually proud of, and have a LOT of material to show.

This week, my fifth graders are learning weekly routines: “What do you do on Mondays? What do you do on Saturdays?” It’s a direct follow-up to the “What time do you ~~~~?” lesson. I like crafty and visual activities, so this week I’m having them make calendar snakes!




Hope they like it~!

2 thoughts on “What Do You Do On Thursdays?

  1. So cute! And yes, I agree with Marta. 😜
    And can’t see above the waistline? I don’t know what’s worse. The lunch goers being unidentifiable half-bodies shuffling by or working behind some kind of solitary confinement panel. Do they just schlep out the food whenever they see a food tray, like a robot? There’s no eye contact? Wasn’t there something similar in A Handmaid’s Tale? Nameless, faceless contact. Or am I mixing that up with some other sci-fi? Lol


  2. I agree with Jo-Ann on all of the above! But I want to SEE the unicorn dress on you !
    Your creativity is such a boon in a school 🙂


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