Postcards, and TIL My School’s Kinda Sorta 1984

Not looking forward to going to work this morning, what better surprise could have been awaiting me upon arrival than a postcard! A postcard from Singapore, no less!

This postcard depicting the bar scene of Singapore, as Val thoughtfully pointed out, was perfect for me. How well you know me indeed ;D

So un grand merci, Val, if you’re reading this – it most definitely brightened my day and made me quite giddy ^ ^ I hope you have an awesome rest of your vacation ❤

In other news, we had a repairman come in this afternoon to do some work on JH’s computer. At least I thought he was a repairman. But when I asked HM about it, she told me he was installing something.

“Students each have a device,” she said. “And he installed another device all around our school. So when students arrive, parents will know they are here because the devices will tell them.”

“Omfg that’s so creepy!” I couldn’t help but exclaim.

I instantly felt bad because HM looked very taken aback and apologetic. “It’s for safety.”

“Ah…okay. Makes sense,” I said, abashed. “It’s just…very 1984…”

“Ah yes! Orwell? George Orwell?” She nodded, acknowledging my outsider’s POV. “Yes.”

I smiled, nodded, and tried to pretend that’s shit’s okay.

But the truth is, that shit’s not okay.

That’s just weird, bro.

It’s something I’d imagine North Korea doing. If, you know, they had electronics for the common citizen.

Anyway…that’s my weird discovery of the day…I’m just hoping they won’t put tags on teachers too. #latetoworkeveryday

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