I got to take a picture of my neighbour’s cat today while coming home from work.


This is Cayenne, the chilli pepper grinder’s cat. (Originally I’d named her Chilli but Andrea came up with Cayenne which I like far more). She was born on the street that turns up to my apartment, and I used to see her hiding, terrified, under the wheels of parked cars every morning on my way to school. Actually I used to hear her first and for a few weeks I had no idea where it was coming from. I remember the first time I caught sight of her, I was instantly in love. I used to wonder who she belonged to, if anyone at all (she looked quite wild and scraggly). I was worried she was a stray doomed to death in the unforgiving urban jungle.

But after a while my neighbours started putting out food for her as they sat outside their pepper grinding room. In the course of the last few months she’s been unofficially adopted by them.

I feel something of a kinship with this cat – she was a fuzzy little kitten mewling fearfully at the world when I first arrived in the city, and over the last nine months we’ve grown together, learning to navigate these strange streets of Korea with a sense of cameraderie.

Though still tiny for her age, she’s since become much more confident, even enough to give me that death stare in the picture. I was bringing home a box (more on the contents of this box tomorrow) and balancing it on my arm while kneeling to take this photo. Thus her expression reads: don’t you fucking dare drop that box on me.

Luckily for me (Cayenne would’ve clawed me to bits), I was sturdy in my balancing act and managed to snap this wondrous, green-eyed portrait.

That’s all for today! Must get some sleep now.

Also Word Wedesday will be a Word Thursday this week. They cut the internet at work 40 minutes early (srsly, what if I’d actually been working??) and so it’ll be up in about 14 hours!

5 thoughts on “Cayenne

  1. I love the sharedness of hers and your beginnings in the neighbourhood…in many ways the people around you are putting out tidbits of moments to feed your soul so that you will settle and survive.


    1. Yeah I definitely feel a kinship with her – and the pepper grinders are so lovely actually, they always say hi to me and I say hi back. They make me feel really welcome 🙂


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