Happiness Has Stamps

This week must be an auspicious week for post because I got three wonderful things in the mail! A f ew days ago, a large parcel arrived at work for me, decorated with messages of love from my parents.




In it was even more spectacular! Back when I posted about honey tea, my mom asked if I wanted honey sent over – to which I answered yes. Three months later (land mail is hella slow), this is what arrived.


That isn’t just honey – it’s a fleet of honey. Wildflower, linden, mint, white clover, marigold – harvested specifically in summer or autumn to distill the fragrance of each season – and all organic. I’ve been brewing honey tea all week. The weather even started to be rainy to allow me to enjoy the hot comfort drinks! I also bought a knob of fresh ginger root which adds a beautiful spice to the sweet. It’s certainly the perfect companion for my endeavours into fiction writing once more!

Also in the honey box were other comforts: cream of wheat, Easter chocolate, tons of packages of Lipton’s chicken noodle soup (YAY!), and to my gleeful surprise Montreal steak and chicken spice! I wasted no time spending the last of my month’s paycheck on samgyeopsal slices from the butcher (who, as a sidenote, looked delighted that I’d found enough courage to buy his wares again – haven’t done that since I made kimchi soup). Though it wasn’t beef, it tasted pretty damn amazing anyway.


To top off this wondrous parcel, my mom sent me a card that made me feel all mushy and delighted inside, complete with one of her own paintings on the cover.


But the awesome didn’t stop there! Today brought two new happy things: first, a second postcard from Val – this time from Cambodia!!


So beautiful ^ ^ thanks so much again! Keep on having an amazing trip!! I look forward to your next tales of adventure!

Last of all – and probably the most exciting for you, my dear readers – was a small parcel containing my new computer charger!


This means I can catch up on posts that I’ve had to put off for lack of time at work, upload pictures from Namhae, AND start doing actual “Word” Wednesdays again instead of crash coursing hangul. Excitement!!

And for me, it means being able to watch Game of Thrones Season 4… :’D

Has there ever been a sight more beautiful than the boot-up screen of your computer after a month of being MIA?


I’ll be in Busan for the long weekend, so of course this catching up might take a while, but at least now it’s possible. Couldn’t be happier.

Now to excuse me to the bloody world of dragons and direwolves.

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