Art Therapy

Today was part two of the GET Teaching Contest. As finalist, we had to do an open class wherein two judges would sit at the back and watch us while we do our thing in front of the class and try really hard to pretend like we don’t care that every move, intonation, and, of course, mistake that we make isn’t being evaluated.

Well…at least we thought it was just two judges that would be there. In the end, half the teachers in Cheongju showed up. To deconstruct this hyperbole, that was a total of 11 teachers from other schools. And just because it wasn’t enough of a party, my vice principal showed up too (would have been my principal too, except he only came to school in the afternoon, thank the gods).

Needless to say I was sweating like a whore in church the whole time. At times it was okay, and I was swept into the rhythm of the lesson plan. At others, I’d look up and see the cluster of spectators and feel very much like a specimen.

In the end it turned out alright – the guests were all so kind and said we did a great job (actually I knew a few of them from my RPDP monthly meetings as well as my samulnori classes), and congratulated us before heading out. Ultimately, I think HM and I did the best we could have done, and so I’m 1 part proud, and 99 parts relieved that it’s over.

Except I was so keyed up about the whole affair, having spent the better part of the week preparing and stressing and losing my mind over the lesson plans (of which I made 7 different versions), that even though it was finished before noon today, I spent the entirety of the day restless and tense. Luckily we only had two other classes to teach, and after that I collapsed at my desk.

To stop my mind from reeling, I decided to do some art therapy for myself, since drawing is like meditation for me.



I felt much better after that.

Well, until I went home and decided to further destress by watching Game of Thrones. Terrible idea…

2 thoughts on “Art Therapy

  1. I feel badly for you that you feel stressed and wiped but alas I feel wonderful when I see the results of your de-stressing sketches. the first one immediately reminds me of illustrations in a trilogy of paperback books called ‘Gormanghast’.
    you bring a lot of emotion to your pencil strokes. it is SOO you. thank you for sharing your results of the day.
    (me thinks that G.O.T. is just like the real history of the throw back era of the last millennium of European power games).
    n’est-ce pas ?


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