Water Glass

At the art club today we moved from landscapes to water glasses. And since I seem to be going on an art post binge lately, I figured I couldn’t leave out progress pics of how to paint a water glass, as per Will Kemp’s online tutorial.






Although I’ve seen my drawing start to get a bit better now that I’ve been practicing realism, I’m still on struggle street when it comes to realist painting. I just like playing with the paint too much. But it definitely turned out better than my landscape.


Also in other news, I’m going to start Yoga classes on Friday! It’s at a place which is literally diagonal from my apartment and I’ve been tempted to check it out since I got here. I even asked my old co-teacher KY if she’d want to take classes with me, but she wasn’t keen because parents from our students go there. That kinda discouraged me too along with the deterrents of having no companion to go with and it being all in Korean (mildly problematic since I’m a super beginner noob at yoga and couldn’t just naturally follow along).

All that got solved today though.

It came up as I was talking to a new recruit at the art club, DV, that he was taking yoga classes. I asked where since I’ve still been looking for a place, as well as been getting desperate about getting up off my ass lately. To my great surprise he mentioned the place across from my house. Considering the size of Cheongju (where it can take over an hour to bus from one end to the other in normal traffic), the chances of things turning out so perfect are such that only the infinite improbability drive might be able to produce.

Props if you recognize where this scene is from.

Serendipity can be freaky sometimes.

So excited!

5 thoughts on “Water Glass

  1. Even though it’s not the same book, this is related, as you will quickly note:

    “Ah, yes,” said Dirk, slapping the table and making the glasses jump. “Your girl in the wheelchair — a perfect example. The idea that she is somehow receiving yesterday’s stock market prices apparently out of thin air is merely impossible, and therefore must be the case, because the idea that she is maintaining an immensely complex and laborious hoax of no benefit to herself is hopelessly improbable. The first idea merely supposes that there is something we don’t know about, and God knows there are enough of those. The second, however, runs contrary to something fundamental and human which we do know about. We should therefore be very suspicious of it and all its specious rationality.”

    — Douglas Adams. The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul


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