Destination: Japan

Summer vacation is coming up – and I’ve just booked my tickets.


But what’s that? Two passengers? That’s because I’m going with none other than my dear friend, LB – possibly the most sarcastic person on the planet and also one of my most avid readers (thanks for all the pageviews, honey ;D).

Anyway so back when I was leaving Indigo, where LB and I met as part of the amazing cash team, she insisted that we go to Japan. It went something like this.

Me: “I’m going to Korea!”

LB: “I’m coming to visit you in Japan.”

Me: “But…I’m going to be in Korea…”

LB: “And we’re meeting up to go to Japan.”

Me: “…Okay I’m cool with that.”

And at last, we’re playing out our dreams that were spun in the cash office whilst dawdling counting the tills.

Destination: Japan.

To see: Tokyo.

To climb: Mount Fuji.

To eat: sushi.

To celebrate: my birthday. (Yeup, my first birthday to be celebrated on the road!)

Can’t wait to escape to the land of the rising sun come August!

Mt. Fuji, tallest mountain (aka volcano) in Japan – and we shall rest upon its summit.

10 thoughts on “Destination: Japan

  1. I’m super excited for the both of you! You’ll have a ball. I cannot overstate how invaluable the free TOKYO SUBWAY NAVIGATION app will be to you because it works off WI-FI. I also recommend you download the free “Maps with Me” app, but you’ll have to pay a measlie 2.99$ if you want to be able to work it out of wi-fi range. The rest, you already know about.


    1. That’s super handy to know, thanks 😀 yay excitement! I also got your last postcards! I’ve put then on my wall and it makes me feel very worldly indeed to see evidence of so many countries travelled ^ ^


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