GET Teaching Contest

Results for the Guest English Teacher Contest came out and:


Second place yeye! Also a big congrats to my fellow contestants. Props all around ^ ^

8 thoughts on “GET Teaching Contest

  1. a BIG CONGRATS to you and your contributors for your achievement. If you were here I’d buy you supper and V.K.-M. can supply the drink. Can you translate some of the headings ? Hmmm


    1. Thanks!! And the translation for the headings goes: rank, city, school, school (again? not sure the difference), name of contestant, and prize (in my case 80, 000W or about $80).


  2. Looks like your powerpoint animation did the trick for the reading-writing class visit! WAY TO GO!!!!! Your creative and caring approach has been noticed. Hats off!


    1. Yeah I’m so happy that it worked out. I was so nervous, but I’m really happy to have done so well! Especially considering how nervous I was about teaching before I left. So thanks so much for the support and listening to many Skype rants and freakouts : )


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