Making Good Use of Our Adulthood

Am visiting Andrea in Wonju this weekend. We were picking up some groceries when this happened:


That’s all ice cream – chocolate cones, grape cones (surprisingly my second favourite flavour!), cookies & cream bars, strawberry apple freezie-slush, mango twists, ice melon bars (my absolute favourite), red bean pops, and watermelon wedge bars complete with chocolate chip seeds (actually this is a tie for second favourite).


Because we’re adults: we can, so we do.

Luckily Andrea lives less than a five minute walk away so we popped them into her freezer well before they began melting. So much delicious. It’s crazy, but I’ve never been so into ice cream before Korea, simply because it’s an incredibly refreshing (and necessary) reprieve from the oppressive heat.

Also it’s 300W/bar, which is little more than $0.30 CAD.

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