Drawing Exchange

In one of my third grade classes, I once gave put pieces of paper to draw on to keep the students who had already finished their work busy. Most didn’t know what to do, and, “Just draw a picture – anything you want!” wasn’t in their English vocabulary bank, so I drew small pictures on the corner of their papers to demonstrate this was a free-for-all.

Most of them really liked this, but one girl in particular thought this was the actual best thing that had ever happened. She begged me to draw another, and I said not until she drew something first (I’m trying very hard to stimulate their creativity genes).

Thirty seconds later she came back to me, shoved a pencil in my hand and the paper into my arms. She had copied out my drawing ad wanted more. Well, good enough place as ever to start learning to draw!

Since then, at the start of every English class, she gives me the paper and a pencil and points to the new drawing she’s copied. Let me say, she’s building up quite the portfolio.


I keep trying to make them a bit more and more complicated, and on that logic I made a Stegosaurus. When she gave it back to me last Friday, I chuckled aloud.


Definitely my favourite so far.

So for this week I did a Brachiosaurus. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with tomorrow! If nothing else comes from this, I’m glad that she’s found something to make her look forward to English class.

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