Can Confirm Existence of Used Panty Vending Machines

NSFW: don’t read this unless you’re prepared for phonographic pictures and nudity.

It’s been someone of an internet myth that such a thing exists in Japan as a vending machine where instead of receiving soda or snacks, one receives one’s choice of used panties. I mean, we know Japan’s weird, but not that weird…right?

And yet Andrea and I have a friend who sold her (used) panties to Japan for such a machine as this. Though of course we speculated that this mail wasn’t reaching the advertised location, it still peaked our curiosity.

Only Andrea wasn’t able to find one on her trip back in January, and as such I despaired of finding one myself.

Until last night.

For there, in front of us, was suddenly what the internet had promised long ago – used panties in a vending machine, wrapped in cellophane or in a small plastic ball similar to what you’d get a phone charm in.



In retrospect, I wish I’d also taken a picture of all the discarded ball cases underneath the machine. But I’ll leave the size of that mound up to your imagination.

12 thoughts on “Can Confirm Existence of Used Panty Vending Machines

  1. Feli told me about these when we first started dating. He had seen them during the course of one of his business trips. My old naive little self couldn’t believe it lol! I also searched for these machines out of the corner of my eye throughout my trip to Tokyo last June. Never saw one. I would have taken a picture and included in my Trip Diary for sure! Glad you found them for me. May I enquire where… for next time ? I’m much like St.Thomas in that regard, must see things for myself lol! Send my regards to our Leslie. P.S. I was super psyched that she was the “friend from Indigo” with whom you were going to Japan when I found out through your blog.


    1. Yeah I’m still so surprised we found them! Leslie says hi back and that she misses you and that she eats sort if healthy now (although considering we’ve been eating butter smothered croissants with fried dumplings and whole wheels of Camembert every morning, I feel this is a very liberal use of the word healthy).


      1. Definitely is but in Leslie’s defines, holidays don’t count. Same rule applies for buying clothes and shoes as well. 🙂


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