Lunch of Champions, or Udon Noodles Whatup! (Because Lunch of Champions Lacks a Good Ring to It)

After Andrea got back from Japan, she highly recommended I try a fast food bar to get ramen or other Japanese dishes.

So far we haven’t eaten out much since Leslie eats like an anorexic bird and is fuelled on one meal a day. While I envy the savings she makes in her budget this way, I can’t go much longer than five hours without getting cranky. I blame the hobbit in me.

Anyway tonight we went to the red light district, aka the hopping place to be on Saturday after sundown, and whilst wandering came across a fast food bar much like Andrea had described.


Outside was a display of all the different foods in lieu of a menu – they have this in Korea too and it makes things so much easier for the non-proficient speakers of the local language.


I decided to go for udon and went inside to tell them my order. …Only to be led outside again by one of the cooks as he showed me the nifty ordering machine which you put your money into like a vending machine. Only after do you go inside to get your near-instant order on the counter.


Took a minute or two to communicate all this but it was a really cool experience and the guy was so nice. Yet another example of amazingly kind Japanese people.

The udon arrived shortly after Leslie and I had seated ourselves at a counter, though she didn’t order anything being still too full from our breakfast of champions. Also worth noting is how incredible it was that we got seats considering how jam packed everywhere usually is.

In any case, the soup looked delicious.


It was a bit salty, though I don’t know if that’s from my taste buds adapting to the Korean lack of salt in dishes or if it was actually as intense as I thought. It came with a heap of thin-sliced meat and an immaculately cooked soft boiled egg. Noodles were fresh and my belly was happy.


Ate it quickly so Leslie didn’t have to wait too long/so we could keep exploring, but enjoyed every damn bite. Can’t wait for more food adventures.


6 thoughts on “Lunch of Champions, or Udon Noodles Whatup! (Because Lunch of Champions Lacks a Good Ring to It)

  1. I am drooling and SO envious!!! Though I likely would have starved than be able to figure out what button to press…even with the nice man’s help!


  2. Imma glad I just finished supper then landed on this food blog ’cause all this push button food is making me hungry again. but my belly is full now. This is what cosmonauts and astronauts should have on board the ISS. Then again it reminds me of the food distribution machine in the original Star Trek episodes though that appeared far more streamlined and unappetizing approach to din din.


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