Taking It Easy

Survived Mount Fuji – though barely. Got – yet another – sunburn. Don’t seem to be having good luck with those this year…

But anyway between not being particularly inclined to put a shirt over it and being very much inclined to rest my knees and calves, Leslie and I spent the day chillaxing in the hotel room.

We caught up on our travel journals, and I read some more Harry Potter. (On book 4! Not quite as fast a reader of them as when I was young, but enjoying the slow plod like the adult I’ve become). And of course, updated our blogs. Check Leslie’s here – it’s super awesome and she actually writes relevant stuff like reviews instead of like mine being a patchwork of half baked thoughts!

Here are the results of my travel journal, minus Mount Fuji since I didn’t catch up quite that far. Also some Polaroids because yay Polaroids!


Envelope for my Suica card – the Japanese train/subway pass and its receipts. It opens ever so nicely!








We’re off again tomorrow but hopefully I can finish updating the journal sooner rather than late. Can’t wait to post about Fuji-San!

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