Ueno Zoo Day

Went to Ueno zoo yesterday for some quality wandering and sketching. Scorcher of a day, but lovely all the same.


DIY ticket machine.


Ueno zoo might be on the small side (at least for me, used to the grand scale of Granby Zoo in Quebec), but it really did a great job in landscaping and majestic flora. Felt like walking through a jungle.





Felt so nice to be sketching again, after an interim of far too long. Leslie was wonderfully patient with me as I lingered in front of nearly every exhibit with a more or less stationary animal willing to pose for me.



One little seal was being a little dickhead waking up its parents and sibling. He’s the one on the far top corner.


Managed to draw mama seal snoozing before she was interrupted.



Found an amazeballs statue of an emu giving me the eye.


Considering we only had two hours (and note, I can take from opening to closing at Granby Zoo and still not see the whole thing), I’m impressed we got to see so much. I’ll probably be coming back with Andrea in the future to do the whole thing.


Until then, good memories indeed.

11 thoughts on “Ueno Zoo Day

  1. just love the photo of Leslie (I presume) inside the shadows of the building with sunlight streaming through. and love your line illustrations particularly the White Handed Gibbon. Sorry you’re enduring the sunburn caused no doubt by your climb to Mt. Fuji. Guess your body reminding you bout your fair skin and it’s weakness to UV. Ah the folly of youth.


  2. The elephant, the gibbon, the seal, the penguin…oh it is so wonderful that you sketched again! You did manage to get a general walk through judging by the location of the animals you sketched. It looks lovely! And kimonos!!! How cool!


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