Champagne and All That Jazz

Well, it’s been a bit more than a year since Andrea and I first began our blog and is a week shy of our initial departure date to this crazy Korean adventure. What’s more is we’ve just surpassed 10, 000 page views and 1, 000 comments. (Holy mother tits!)

As such, I just want to say thanks – infinitely – to all of you who’ve dropped by – whether daily, occasionally, or even by chance. It’s not easy keeping a daily blog, but you guys make it worth it!

So, kindly, y’all are gentlemen/gentlewomen and scholars! Cheers.

To commemorate this exciting occasion, I’ve also just published my Bucket List as an additional page to be browsed at one’s heart’s content (which I said I’d do months ago, but la la la…). Thus go check it out:

Marta’s Awesome and Amazingly Overambitious Bucket List

Anyway that’s all for now. I’m going to have another crazy weekend, but I’m hoping to get a post or two in. Thanks again to all you lovely viewers, my etherweb friends, my online family 🙂

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