I Don’t Even Know How

One thing that Cheongju has been lacking is an English bookstore.

Having spent the majority of my time in a bookstore back in Montreal at my old place of employment, good old Indigo, I have found this somewhat disconcerting. I’ve had to get my bookworm fix by wandering the shelves of Bandi and Luni’s at the Express Bus Terminal in Seoul. Not complaining, cuz it’s an awesomesauce store with great selection in English fiction (Raymond Carver? Fuck yeah), but I still miss the easy accessability.

At the beginning of the week though, a beautiful thing happened: HM, my co-teacher, told me of a used bookstore that opened up downtown that sold English books!

Not believing mine ears, I asked where.

“In the basement of Lotte Cinema,” she told me. “It’s called Aladin.”

I remembered she’d ordered from Aladin online before and was ecstatic that they were opening a branch in my very own city. Naturally I wasted no time in going, especially since Andrea was due to visit yesterday!

As such we headed down with Ricky last night on our day off (Hangul Day = vacation day of chillaxing).

And ooohhhhh boy was it tough to curb our spending impulses. I spent 20, 000W on four books even though I only have 200, 000W to get me to next payday and Andrea and Ricky both walked away with heavy stacks as well.

Browsing the mishmash of not-at-all-organized literature though was wonderful. And that sweet smell of used books that wafted through the store…nostalgia in a nutshell.

And yet the weirdest, most nostalgic thing of all was finding a sticker on a book that I’d recognize anywhere.


That, my dear readers, is a sticker from Indigo – and not just any Indigo, but an Indigo from Quebec judging from the French. Really made my day to find that. Stuff like this compresses the world in ways you never think possible.

Anyway I will no doubt be dropping by (and dropping cash) at Aladin for the rest of my sojourn in Cheongju. I feel my city has become complete!

8 thoughts on “I Don’t Even Know How

  1. It’s like everything you are visualizing that you need is starting to come into being. The “Make it so” Magik.
    “Stuff like this compresses the world in ways you never think possible”: portkeys for your mind!!! It all becomes a global village when you find these treasures on the other side of the world that connect you in a heartflutter to other places…when you have friends tucked in faraway spots that pull you into their part of the world through communicating…may it continue to happen and make you happy!


      1. C’est merveilleux Marta. Une livre direct d’Indigo. Formidable et beaucoup de souvenirs des heures et jours passer dans les aillees de livres et a la caisse pour toi. Depense pas trop d’argent et garder un peu pour une cafe au lait avec une baguette. Heh Heh.


  2. Maybe you can ‘Organize’ the mish mash of their literature sections into something comprehensible and get some renumeration or book purchases in exchange.


    1. I don’t even know where I first heard of him. Possibly a classmate recommeded him…or I might have had a story of his assigned as course reading. Either way, love him.


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