Korean Photo Hunt

Recently I’ve been introduced to analog photography. It’s been an art form I’d always seen my friends do, or saw in passing in a gallery or website, but had absolutely no background in. It’s so refreshing to jump into a new medium without any heavy-handed Should’s and Shouldn’t’s. I’ve decided to send myself on a photographic quest. Feel free to follow along by either finding parallels between this list and things in your area, or by making your own list. Here’s to inspiration and new projects!


Korean Photo Hunt

Some items to find and photograph that characterize a place

  1. Rice Fields: Brown, Green, Gold, White
  2. Red, blue, and yellow metal storefront shutter
  3. Korean kimchi pot (Onggi)
  4. Wooden bus shelter
  5. Truck fruit vendor
  6. Delivery scooter
  7. Girl taking a selfie
    • with a selfie stick
    • applying makeup
  8. Soju, Makkeoli, Chungha bottles, Korean Beer
  9. Marketplace
    • Fish market
    • Clothes market
    • Side dishes food market
  10. Ajumma – Old lady
  11. Ginseng farm
  12. Students in school uniform
  13. Cellphone shop
  14. Claw game/push machine
  15. Fish tanks outside a restaurant
  16. CU, GS Mart, or 7/11
  17. Vomit pile
  18. Trash pile
  19. Gingko Trees
  20. Stag Beetle
  21. Cherry Blossoms
  22. Persimmons
  23. Magnolias
  24. Korean Magpie
  25. Sneakers
  26. Ajosshi in full hiking gear
  27. Little white dog with dyed ears
  28. Noraebang
  29. Hot pink lips
  30. Same-same couple
  31. Enormous phone case
  32. Taxi with 빈차 sign lit
  33. Permed hair
  34. Apartment living
  35. Public soap bar
  36. Toilet paper bin
  37. Intercity bus
  38. Restaurant Halmeoni watching a drama
  39. Red-faced, drinking Ajosshis
  40. Girl in an Elsa dress

I’ll keep it at that for now and post as they come up. Experimenting with 35mm film (standard film roll – colour and B&W) and my Fujifilm Instax 7, which is a much older version of Marta’s instant camera, that I bought back in Montreal. Luckily, Fujifilm’s new line uses the same film type. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Korean Photo Hunt

  1. What a cool idea! I HOPE you will post the results (I could sidestep the vomit pile also…but everything else is going to be fun to see)!


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