Joint Birthday

My co-teachers both have the same birthday, so a few weeks back I painted them each a birthday card.

One was for my main co-teacher, HM, who loves to travel and be internationally adventurous. Thus:


My Thursday/Friday co-teacher and I went to an art show of traditional Korean landscapes a few months ago so I tried to copy one of the pieces I’d taken a picture of.


The latter was especially fun because I’ve never tried this kind of traditional ink painting before. Of course I didn’t do it the traditional way – I used watercolour pencils for both pictures – but it was still a really fun exercise.

Anyway thought I’d share that in the spirit of starting to go to art classes again (which I’ve failed to go to for the last three or four months due to general busyness). So here’s looking forward to tonight!

9 thoughts on “Joint Birthday

  1. imma so glad you’re going back to classes. I know you love drawing and you’re awesome at it. (and it gives us the chance to see more of your work, heh heh)


  2. Beautiful! That suitcase screams “take me travelling” & that landscape is so “oriental”. I know, I know, “oriental” is no longer the accepted terminology.
    I love how you capture such different styles.


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