Let Advent Begin!

So I might have started getting a little nostalgic this holiday season, listening to Christmas music willingly as early as two weeks ago, but as my second Christmas away from home rolls around I’m definitely feeling some holiday blues.

Luckily Ricky loves Christmas as much as I do, so we bought a tree and some lights at our local Home Plus and set it up to bate back the ever-darkening days. We even have Ricky’s box of Xmas parcels to set underneath.


Check out that legit decor.

Anyway, my mom also happened to send me a Frozen advent calendar so I’m looking forward to some traditions standing strong, even if I’m in a country that considers Christmas another couple holiday akin to Valentine’s.

And so, let advent and the merry rush of Christmas shopping begin!

6 thoughts on “Let Advent Begin!

  1. you meanhyou got a Frozen advent calendar ? how sweet. ❤
    As far as the legit decor . . . did you mean the wallpaper or the tree ?
    So glad you can spend some quality Christmas time with someone who enjoys the season.
    Think of us tonight when we sing caroles. (Perhaps the Elvis version of Here comes Santa Claus)


  2. Good job Marta! I absolutely LOVE Christmas decorations too. And my Mom never missed giving/sending us a chocolate Advent Calendar. Hmm I wonder if Baci chocolate Advent calendars exist….. Thanks for the good memories.


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