My Office, Now A Storage Space, Has Opened A Whole New World of Possibility

A few weeks ago,  HM told me that my office (a classroom joined by a doorless archway to my English room and previously used only by me, JH, and my loud 5-1 class who likes to make it their recess hangout spot) would be turned into a storage space for the sudden abundance of their musical instruments. This abundance is because for their annual talent show, they bought something like 50 ukuleles among other devices the students wrecked audible havoc on.

Anyway while at first I was disgruntled (even more so when I saw the cramped conditions I’d be working in post cupboard installation), this afternoon I realized an incredibly happy result.

They’re storing 50+ ukuleles in my office. That means there are 50+ ukuleles in my office.


(Except for the fact that I have to make a bajillion review games and papers etc, but shhh I can cram in some music in my lunch hour!)

Andrea posted this cover of “On the Radio” by Regina Spektor on my wall today and it inspired me to give it a shot. Luckily the chords were super easy!

On an unrelated note, my school had a staffroom fish cake party today. I’ve been avoiding the staffroom lately because 1) the corridors are too cold, and 2) as a socially awkward introvert I get really spazzy about hanging around large groups of people whose language I don’t speak (call it PTSD from growing up an anglophone in Quebec). But HM made me go to the fish cake party despite my reservations and I’m really happy I did.

After an agonizingly freezing walk from the English building to the staffroom, so cold my breath clouded in the hallway air, I was greeted by a cauldron of hot soup, odeng (salty fish cakes typical of cold weather Korean street food), dumplings, and some surprisingly tender octopus. The secretary also shoved a paper cup of steaming broth into my hands which was delightfully hot and soothing.

Odeng, Korean fish cakes.

Anyway,  trumps a lot of staffroom parties I’ve been to in the past! Good times.

4 thoughts on “My Office, Now A Storage Space, Has Opened A Whole New World of Possibility

  1. Excellent as always. More comments to follow when I can, BUT thought I should post right away something everyone probably has figured out already — your ukulele link needs to have the period between “tu” and “be” deleted.


  2. It sounds like you will be sitting in a room at Bill’s work (Steve’s music store)…may you have happy memories of him and his family as you strum. May you feel their love wrap right round you to keep you warm every time you walk in that space ❤


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