Proof of the madness that sweeps Korea in the winter season in which everyone seems to form an addiction to fresh air.


I think everyone in this country must be descendents of polar bears or penguins or narwals – any and all of those things immune to polar weather.

In the meantime they bemuse this Canadian who, though used to the cold, is also used to people sharing an overwhelming hatred for it.

Seems I’m in for another rough many months 😛

6 thoughts on “WHY

  1. It’s –11°C in northern Vermont. Time to consider a long sleeved T-shirt … maybe.

    Perhaps the difference is that the heat is off in your school and your windows are open. That would eventually even chill me a bit.

    You may well know this, but as far as immune to cold, consider the North American Wood Frog:

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    1. Haha those frogs are beasts!
      And yeah they turn off the heat midday and then leave all the doors and windows open *shivers*. I think we’re also spoiled in North America with our heavily insulated buildings. I don’t mind the cold if I’m walking into a cozy interior but the interiors here are nearly colder than the exterior! And cold stiff fingers aren’t going to be able to make all those end of year reviews ;P


    2. NASA has looked into this as well as the scientific community as options to send humans to Mars on the Orion spaceship but haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. Oh well maybe in another 20-30 years of reasearch.


    1. I got my undershirt, my shirt, my sweater, my scarf, my coat, my tights, my pants, my socks, my second layer of socks…I think I have body temperature regulation control issues haha. I’m contemplating sneaking a space heater into my office…


  2. During outdoor sport events, the fans use ingenious methods of keeping extremities warm using battery operated or chemical devices as part of clothing or in pockets while standing or sitting in -20 to -30 deg. F or C. Too bad I can’t ship them to you. I don’t understand their reasoning to turn on the heat and open windows. A real contradiction in logic and habits; but then again I have experienced the same over here.


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