Christmas Cookies and Possibilities Found in the World Food Store

Last year due to a combination of not knowing how my oven worked, lacking ingredients, and generally poor planning I didn’t get to make Christmas cookies like I’d originally wanted.

This year I decided to be on top of it. I got in touch with my mom to have her send me my Omi’s traditional recipes (Austrian/Canadian hybrids) and through some roundabout searching we ended up retrieving them from my Aunt who’s freshly moved to Singapore this year. So from Singapore to Canada to South Korea, the recipes eventually circled the cyberwebs where I was able to start working out where to find ingredients.

Vanillakipferl, my absolute favourite Christmas cookie.
Linzeraugen, my second favourite and the Austrian equivalent to the Jammy Dodger.

The good news is that 90% of these are things like flour, sugar, eggs, and enough butter to make one seriously reconsider one’s life choices.

The bad news is that the remaining ingredients – and the ones that give them that authentic taste – are not only impossible to come by in this country but heinously expensive if fortuitously happened upon.

Incredibly, however, while dropping in the world food store today to pick up spices for Ricky to make chili –


– what did I find but the very elusive and coveted ingredients I needed? Hazelnuts and almonds all neatly packaged and looking seductively at me from a lower shelf. And what was more: only ₩3, 000 and ₩2, 000 per packet (roughly $3 and $2)!


I zealously bought them and now am looking even more forward to the holidays than ever if that’s even possible. Can’t wait.

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