Fruits of Success

I was advised before coming to Korea to eat all the fruit I could because getting them here would pretty much break my bank. Eat Your Kimchi,  the famous Canadian expat couple who blog and have a YouTube channel about life in Korea, once made a video about the absurd prices of fruit – the most comically priced of which was a ₩48, 000 (~$48) mango.

While I haven’t come across anything that extreme,  it’s common to find ₩20, 000 watermelons, ₩5, 000 apples, and ₩12, 000 boxes of strawberries.

It might not break your bank to eat fruit if you’re buying modestly, but it certainly makes you think about what a luxury it is back home to not only have the cheap prices but the variety of fruit for said cheap prices.

This is why, when just this past weekend Ricky and I went to our local Home Plus for some domestic grocery shopping, we suddenly were confronted with a joyous sight. Bargains on fruit galore!!


Imported Florida grapefruit, only ₩1, 500! (Shout out to my dad who eating grapefruit for breakfast always makes me think of).


Exotic dragonfruit, a steal at ₩1, 500!!



So we also found these mystery genetic abominations in the sale bin (certainly not something you’d expect from a company called “Nature’s Choice”), and for a mere ₩1, 450 I couldn’t help but satiate my curiosity. Upon sampling them at home, they have velvety peach fuzz peels that break as easily as rolled out cookie dough, a strong smell of apples, and despite a typical banana fruit texture the taste is a hybrid cross of apple and pumpkin (?!). Surprisingly delicious though and a worthy food adventure.

So anyway that’s my update on fruit in Korea since it tends to be a strange topic of considerable talk for people thinking of moving here. I will splurge on things like avocados every few weeks because I’m off the chain like that, but yeah…I have been reduced to being a super old person who gets really excited about good deals in the produce sections.

3 thoughts on “Fruits of Success

  1. I think of you when I eat my grapefruit. Must be genetic ’cause I think of my dad eating his. I think of you as I make guacamole as well. BTW you’re food critique is still posted on the wall at TA. 🙂


  2. There are an infinite number of banana varieties, however the St.George banana is mainly the one sold and distributed to
    North America because of its ease of shipping. Too bad. I wish we could get more exotic types.


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