The Drawings Continue!

Remember that grade 3 girl who I was doing the drawing exchange with? Well some other students found out she was getting drawings (and not understanding the arrangement we had about I-draw-one-she-copies-and-I-draw-a-new-one-for-her-to-copy) and suddenly they were all clamoring for drawings. My co-teacher JH scolded them and they backed off – though this included the original girl.

Well I thought our merry days of sketching trades were done for, but lo! She turned up the other day with the sheet in her hand and a completed beaver on the sheet (I’ve started doing a Canadian theme).


And so I drew her a raccoon and she was delighted. I have her class again tomorrow and I’m hoping she has another to show me. This is probably my favourite thing about teaching Thursdays and Fridays.

6 thoughts on “The Drawings Continue!

  1. I think you could leave off your classes with an optional art page that the kids take home. You draw something, pass out photocopies of it for them to work on if they choose, and they can bring it back with their copy of it or they can take it further and draw their own version, a version of it incorporated into a background or cartoon story…whatever. Just to feel free to do something with it if they want.


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