Stewp, Veggie Fiesta, and Looking Forward to 3am Meditation

This week wasn’t particularly eventful, especially after the exciting adventures of cookie making last Sunday. That said, our minor endeavours included making chicken soup that included no chicken (we waited a day too long to cook it and it went off) and very little broth (the pasta sponged it all up) so it resembled stew more than soup, thus being rechristened “stewp” by me.


We also – much more successfully – found super cheap ground beef on sale and made delicious tacos with heaps of awesomely fresh vegetables.


Ricky also picked up some Coronas because necessary.


Anyway now we’re off to a temple stay in Songnisan, an awesome (not to mention free!) opportunity for ESL teachers in EPIK. More to come on that later once I’ve got tons of beautiful pictures, but for a sneak preview at per itinerary, we’re making lotus flowers, waking up for 3am prayer, and walking through the forest at sunrise for a silent meditation hike.

In the meantime,  have a good weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “Stewp, Veggie Fiesta, and Looking Forward to 3am Meditation

  1. Your stewp looks delish, better than my Stew Soup. Invented when making stew during the infamous ice storm only to discover that the grocery store was cleaned out of meat.


  2. Ahh the Ice Storm! What memories. I ended up making a ‘stewp’ once then added potato starch to really make it a stew. Good meal with crusty bread. Me thinks you invented a new dish just by renaming an old, somewhat failed cusine creation. A bit like ‘Schmarren’, a failed attempt to make a pancake for an Austrian emperor one morning. Rather odd looking but saved the cook’s butt when he named it as such. The complete taco meal looks delish right down to the adult beverage.
    As for the EPIK travel bonus sounds like you’re getting your money’s worth. can’t wait for the pix.


  3. It all looks tasty! (a trick I learned to keep pasta from soaking up broth was to cook the pasta apart from the soup and then add it afterwards). This trip already sounds so zen. I can’t wait to see the photos!


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