And So This Is Christmas

Another Christmas has arrived away from home. It’s bittersweet because while I do miss my family and Andrea (not having Friday off it wasn’t possible to go to Wonju for actual Christmas Day though we’ll be there for the weekend), it is Ricky and I’s first Christmas together and that certainly brings a lot of joy.


We spent Christmas Eve listening to seasonal playlists complete with YouTube video of crackling fireplace and eventually nodded off around midnight. Or at least I did. Not sure how long Ricky slept but he was up at quarter to six keen to tear open the gifts we’d been so good about not opening early. I had the best of intentions about getting up at that point but promptly passed out again (to dreams of opening the gifts) so we only actually got up around seven when our work alarms went off.

After gifts was a decadent breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns, fried tomatoes, and Fairmount bagels.


And then video games and lazing about waiting to Skype our respective families home!

In the meantime, merry Christmas to y’all ♡

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