Salut, 2015

Usually I’m sad to see a year go, but 2014 was a year of extremes – amazing highs, but also overwhelming lows. Thus I welcome 2015 with open arms for whatever it might bring!

Ricky and I headed out to Chungdae to celebrate and met, upon exiting the apartment, a white New Year’s Eve. It was really beautiful amd totally made up for having a very unsnowy Christmas.

Ricky caught in the impromptu blizzard.

We met some friends at my favourite makkeoli bar for drinks and pajjeon where I proceeded to have too much of the former and demolished the latter.

Kiwi makkeoli mahhhhh!!
Look at it pour!!
Cursed fucking soju…
Nom kimchi pajjeon!

After that, leaving a tad more tipsy than was probably wise, we headed to our bar of choice, Buzz, and proceeded to increasingly exercise our non-wisdom in consuming more drinks. I got a strawberry daquiri but dropped the strawberry on the floor. It caused me much heartache as I’d been saving it for last and it looked beautiful.

My strawberry… 😦

Anyway we had our countdown, 2015 arrived, I called home, and at some point we found ourselves at Lotteria eating burgers. Then we were home and I was waking up very hungover.

That said, now that the mind fug has cleared a little, I can say that I’m already quite pleased to see the new year.

Resolutions: pending.

6 thoughts on “Salut, 2015

  1. Not a bad exit/entry of a year. Your “Kiwi makkeoli mahhhhh!!
    ” makes me go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! wanting some, and the rest of the yummies are consumed in my imagination with happy smiles! As per your strawberry…no worries…look at the photo of it in the sober light of day and you can see it was not even really red…incentive to seek out a few lusciously ripe ones to enjoy later. May this year shed the shit and bring in the Shiny!


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