Andrea came over this weekend for a long-awaited girly fest of exchanging birthday/Canada gifts, painting nails, reading cosmo, and of course making food.

We’ve been wanting to make bread since before we came to Korea and finally decided, after Andrea had made it with her friend back home, that it was at last time to give it a go.

A little mixing, some gentle kneading, and an hour of patient rising later, we put it in to bake and voilĂ !


We were super proud of ourselves and made sandwiches for breakfast. I did my best to top them as delicately as possible with a thick layer of bacon, tomatoes, red onion, avocado, and creamy camembert – flavoured with mayo and fresh cracked pepper. Luckily I thought to use my food picks to keep everything in place.


Less luckily the bread turned out to be indigestibly salty! So while it looked pretty, we’re simply going to have to try again. (Though few complaints there).

Otherwise it was a great weekend hanging out again with my brain twin and definitely a needed pick-me-up. We’ve found out recently that all elementary school teachers in Cheongju are going to have to teach at a second school to cover all the positions now vacated from the budget cuts. Needless to say I’m less than enthusiastic about this news. As one of Andrea’s acquaintances has said, “Heh, I’ve been Korea’d”.

But now that I know how to make bread I feel life will improve significantly regardless.

5 thoughts on “Breadwinners

  1. Damn! I GOT IT! BCP457 suggested quite a while back that York University in Toronto should have homemade food (soup, BREAD (hint hint) et al). How about starting a business at York U. and sell your goods (after practising a bit more).


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