Return From Adventure

Our two weeks are up and we’re back in Korea awaiting our new semesters and Monday alarms to gear us back into work. Alas, due to very full days and a bout of agressive food poisoning on my part, I did not get to post as much as I would have liked on the road.

That said, many adventures were had and shall be updated soon! I kept my word to myself and made very good use of my camera, so y’all’ll be getting some very colourful posts.


7 thoughts on “Return From Adventure

  1. singing to the tune of Thin Lizzy’s (Boys are Back in Town) . . . . .
    Guess who just got back today ?
    Marta’s Back In Town !
    etc. . . .


  2. Glad your feeling better and that you are back safe and sound. Has your apartment been cleaned up by your landlord while you were away? Wishing you a really good semester. Love A/C


    1. Yes he did a great job! Apparently they scraped and treated the walls and then redid the paper *and* flooring. Must say I was impressed! Going to put up pictures once I’ve sorted things back into their places 🙂


  3. to think of the Monday alarms makes one wish to open eyes and find that was a bad dream and there are 3 weeks left of beach time and market food and museums and ruins…


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