Bus Stops in the Sticks

Been a bit of a stressful first week back, especially with starting at my new school, but I’m hoping to update with my promised vacation pictures soon.

In the meantime I thought I’d share with y’all my second school, Seok Seong’s, bus stop.


It takes me over an hour and two buses to commute there every Tuesday and Thursday, and even though I’ll grudgingly admit that it’s nice to take a break from the putrid gray despair that is living in a Korean city to see the countryside, I can’t help but feel furious for once again being screwed over by EPIK. (As backstory, in December 50% of us native English speaker teachers were fired due to budget cuts and now they’re farming out twice the workload to half the people so all elementary school teachers are being forced to work at multiple schools).

But anyway it’s not like I have any choice, as it always seems to be with working as a government slave in Korea, so through bumfuck I will continue to trudge.

5 thoughts on “Bus Stops in the Sticks

  1. Hmmmm. The asphalt road reminds me of P.E.I. – RED ! Though right now the residents of that tiny island probably only see the colour white on the asphalt for all the snow that has beset them this season and the lack of green there is probably even more evident.
    Yoda says : CALM YOU SHALL KEEP and CARRY ON YOU MUST, yes hmmmm.
    The optimist says : STAY ALIVE and AVOID ZOMBIES.
    Timon and Pumba says : HAKUNA MATATA


  2. Since there is nothing for it but to go with it, I would focus on “change is good” and think of it as a way to make sure you get out of the city and see other things…breathe other air. It sure makes me think of Chambly and near Shiloh’s place…


    1. I found two good things about it: a World Food Mart (amazingly and randomly) and a noodle restaurant I can have lunch for only $2.50. I’m content now.


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