Korea Stinks: Prepare Your Nostrils For Assault

What I’m about to say is said with utmost honestly and bluntness, no puns intended: Korea, literally, stinks.

You may think I’m exaggerating or being degrading towards the country’s sanitation, but I urge you to spend a day here walking the streets and afterward tell me otherwise.

I can’t say I know the mechanics of why (although I suspect a shallow sewer system), but whatever the reason you’ll find yourself happily walking along talking to your friends when suddenly you experience a pocket of stench. So foul a reek is it that it can be tasted.

Foul reek rising from the steamy depths! Photo from Science Daily.
Foul reek rising from the steamy depths! Photo from Science Daily.

Try not to gag on the scent assaulting your olfactories and taste buds – that of fermented cabbage, putrified chicken, and streams of streams of the sloppy wet shit that comes from the exploding asses of those who choose to eat horrendously spicy food on a regular basis. These all run beneath your feet and waft up from the sewer grates, a few inches closer to the surface than you’d like them to be.

While I’ve all but gotten used to it, managing to wrinkle my nose or hold my breath until able to exit the putrid air patch, there are some times where it’s so awful I still need to cover my mouth. Not even winter allows a solid reprieve from the fetor, although it’s far worse in summer when the humidity allows the noxious fumes to permeate all surroundings with barely any respite.

Granted, it’s a pretty small thing in the scheme of living here, but this funk is foul enough for me to never get used to and one that I genuinely won’t miss once I leave.

Anyhow just a quick update and some fun for the senses. In other news, the rainy season has come in strong – but so have the flowers! I’ll likely be doing a post on that sometime this week.


5 thoughts on “Korea Stinks: Prepare Your Nostrils For Assault

  1. I am pretty sure that because toilet paper isn’t flushed but deposited into the garbage it adds onto the overall stench…all I have to do is think of how it smells here when all the poop-and-scoop doggy bags are accumulating in garbage bins come hot temperatures…and it leaves a lot to be desired.

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      1. Haha! yeah, sadly it will just get worse as spring turns into summer and the temperature rises. 😦

        Ugh! I love sunny warm weather, but once it gets hotter than 23 C, I’m out! :p


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