Sticker Mania!

So we’re back from Seoul, and our adventures shall follow over the next few days. Mostly it was just a ton of shopping, eating awesome food, and me wearing my feet out to the bone from all the walking so that I’ve been crippled ever since coming home. It was also suuuuuuuuuuper crowded, like to the point that I couldn’t breathe and nearly had panic attacks and rage kill moments, but we managed to survive despite that.

Photo from The Atlantic.
“KILL EVERYONE AROUND ME,” said Marta every time someone bumped into her. Photo from The Atlantic.

One of the things we did in an attempt to escape/have a respite from the crowds was go into a Korean photo booth to take glamour shots. I must first explain though that these aren’t your average every-day photo booths.

For around 7, 000W, you get to choose different backgrounds, pose like fashion models in the super bright green-screen room, and then jazz up your photos in post-production by adding in fake eyelashes, bows, hearts, and endearing quotes like “best friends forever” and “shopping <3”. All this after the computer has automatically lightened/smoothed your skin, made your eyes bigger and your lips pinker.

It's us! Karen, Ricky, and I. Ricky looked really creepy in the computer's post processing.
It’s us! Karen, Ricky, and I. Ricky looked really creepy in the computer’s post processing.

Sometimes the photo booth “shops” (for lack of a better name) will also provide dress-up clothes like feather boas, hats, and hanbok, or traditional Korean clothing so you can add an extra level of awesome to your pictures. (You may or may not have to pay to rent these).

Afterward, you get to print out your photos onto stickers which you can then choose to stick anywhere you like – such as on the photo booth shop mirror.

Seriously everybody went crazy...this mirror is supposed to be for primping yourself up before taking the photos...
Seriously everybody went crazy…this mirror is supposed to be for primping yourself up before taking the photos…

For anyone who hasn’t done this (this was my first time), I highly recommend it. It might seem a bit pricey for a handful of novelty stickers, but it’s honestly so much fun. Everything’s on a timer so you’re scrambling to choose backgrounds and edit your photos as fast as possible which leads to some pretty hilarious snap decisions.

These shops are also pretty common – you’ll find them in any city small or large since they’re very popular among teenage girls. Only disadvantage to foreigners using it is that it’s all in Korean so you have to pretty much blunder your way through the hangul screen menus (which to be honest isn’t that hard, just use your intuition).

Anyway that was but one of our many adventures and I thought I’d share!

Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Sticker Mania!

  1. Sounds like such fun! It is trendy to invite guests to do this at wedding receptions now. There are less accessories and backgrounds to choose from but it is a good memento of the event


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