I’m the Biggest Child Among My Students

So we were correcting a short dialogue and writing the answers on the board when I happened to notice it formed an interesting dialogue on its own, which, taken out of context, made me say “that’s what she said” faster than you could say “grow up”.


I told my co-teacher I was taking a picture for educational purposes and now use it for snickers on the days the students misbehave.

In other news it’s Teacher’s Day today which means we had a ceremony where we all were presented with paper carnation brooches (mine fell apart after it fell in the sink while I was washing my hands), and during the course of the day were generally given food, treats, and finally let off from work an hour early.

I don’t know how much the kids use it as an appreciation day (my grade 4.1 class was extra noisy), but I had a good time anyway. Rewatching the Harry Potter movies, so I’m going to spend my time off in the world of Prisoner of Azkaban.

That’s all for now – have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “I’m the Biggest Child Among My Students

  1. Perhaps you could elaborate on your interpretation of the short dialogue illustrated in point form. I have my own but yours would be more pertinent. BTW what do you mean by the ” . . . snickers . . . ” comment ?


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