Flooded Fields and Too Many Hours Traveling

We just had a long weekend here for Buddha’s birthday, and I must say I’m pretty pooped. Ricky, Andrea, Scott, Jesica and I went to Samcheok for camping on the beach and visiting the nearby Haesindang Park – more popularly known as the Penis Park.

Unfortunately travel in Korea on public holidays is about as pleasant as genital herpes. While Andrea and Scott were able to get home fairly painlessly, the rest of us spent nearly 10 hours on buses and taxis trying to get back to Cheongju.

Needless to say we were all rather ruffled by this, and yours truly was a full frontal grump.

But we’ll get to all the adventures tomorrow since I’m pretty wiped out from this weekend and can barely keep my eyes open. To ease the stress of everything, here’s a peaceful picture of a rice paddy that I took while waiting for the bus at my country school today.


So tranquil…can’t you just feel your blood pressure lowering?

Anyway, until next time.

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