Office Heat Waves

Korea: I need you to understand something. If my office is more than 30 degrees celsius, I’m not going to be able to do any work. My brain is cooking. Especially because I’m dressed according to your medieval conservatism standards.

No, no – don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate the fact that we’ve been given permission to turn on the electricity to use the fans. Thanks. Genuinely.

I just also think it’s vaguely insulting that despite a fancy-ass air conditioning unit in my classroom, you choose to only turn it on if the principal is having a meeting there. Never mind the two teachers and 30+ students, noticeably raising the room’s centigrade, are incapable of focusing, teaching or learning, no, no. That A/C must sit there unused until mid-July as you’ve insisted…

…despite the fact that we end classes July 22nd.

So thanks. Really.

From meme generator.
From meme generator.

Honestly, if you’re not freezing your ass off because the heat’s not on in winter, you’re sweating like a whore in church because these cheap bastards don’t want to “waste the money”. Pardon my French.

8 thoughts on “Office Heat Waves

  1. Ugh, my sentiments exactly. That’s one thing I truly hate about public school…never feeling comfortable in your work place, always either sweating or shivering.


    1. Honestly I don’t know why! Especially when they say it’s to be eco friendly and not waste electricity and then you walk past a line of phone stores downtown that look like discotheques for all the neon lights that are blazing…


  2. I guess it is more of the surface pomp and superficiality. Heat and air conditioning are merely for show, not use…just as the cookie-stamp body image is more important than individuality, and Noah-pairing is more rewarded than solo-socializing. It’s all about saying “We HAVE it!” Sadly, intelligence and logic are not something they can claim to have.


    1. Nope…can’t say that they do :S it just seems a greater waste of money to invest in a big tower like that – or heaters – and then barely get their money’s worth out of use PLUS a reduction in quality of education because both students and teachers are overheating.


      1. Totally…the mind goes foggy and groggy with the heat and being chilled to the bone makes you focus on discomfort…neither of those scenarios are conducive to either teaching or learning or being at your best in any way. You waste the human resources that you’ve paid for, while letting the heating/air conditioning resources outdate themselves without being properly utilized after spending the money on them. It’s BEYOND absurd. It’s the equivalent of buying a life jacket and then preferring to drown than use it because you don’t want it to get wet.


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