Pierced in Korea: Being Impulsive Because of Pinterest

First off I want to thank everyone for the incredible amount of support you gave me after my last post. It was tremendously hard to put into words, and even harder to make the decision to publish it. Ultimately, I’m so glad I did. Not only did it make me feel eons better for getting this off my chest, but after hearing many of your own stories from similar situations, I’m happy to hear that this post either helped you or in some way validated what you felt in the past.

It’s also hard to have a follow-up piece to that, so I decided to do something more whimsical for today.

While working hard at my desk today, exercising my scroll muscle on Pinterest, I came across a lovely triple forward-helix piercing arrangement.

My inspiration from Pinterest.
My inspiration from Pinterest.

As one who is obsessed with Pinterest, I saw this and was immediately in love. I don’t know how the brain makes snap decisions such as these, but somehow in the chemical makeup of infatuation hormones, the logic of opportunity niggled its way into my brain that my feelings happened to coincide with payday.

I could very well get this today if I wanted.

Feeling rather down this morning, what with having to go to my country school and being exhausted from an unintentional late night, I was also feeling pretty reckless. I wanted to do something dramatic. I’ve been thinking about getting piercings for a while because they’re so cheap in Korea (and Andrea just got a lovely one that I’m super jelly of), but the ones I want wouldn’t be appropriate for school so I’d need to wait.

Waiting, however, sucks. Especially because I’m already waiting for my tattoos when I get back to Canada.

What I wanted was some good old instant gratification. I tend to overthink things all the time until I’m dead fucking sure I want it, and while this hasn’t exactly failed me, I’ve gotten tired of logic and reasoning. Basically, I want to break out the inner teen and go full rebellious.

Thus today I went downtown, found a tiny little piercing shop, and was impulsive.

Three new piercings!!
Three new piercings!!

Well, I say impulsive…I was content just looking at the jewelry, but with the language barrier, I couldn’t communicate this, so when I asked about prices, they told me and then sat me down and took out the needles.

I looked to Ricky.

“Is…is this happening?” I asked him.

“I think so,” he answered. “But I’m not going to look because I don’t like needles.”

And with that I was suddenly getting pierced.

I have to say it didn’t hurt that much, although getting three done in one shot definitely upped the pain factor, mostly because of anticipation. Once two were done, I was in half a mind to chicken out and leave it, but I was good and didn’t even flinch. My body was sweating like a whore in church though, and I definitely got the trauma trembles.

But once I paid, I felt all the better: for three piercings AND the jewelry, it came to only W36, 000, or slightly more than $36. Compared to prices back home, that’s absurd. Basically giving it away.

Now if only tattoos were as cheap here…

I’ll sign off on that note with a special shout out to my beautiful ginger little sister whose birthday it is today!! Love you ❤

8 thoughts on “Pierced in Korea: Being Impulsive Because of Pinterest

  1. wimp. that’s the easiest kind of percing to get! how did you almost chicken out of the third?
    Love you too ❤ I'm glad you'll be home so I can see you on your birthday *hugs*


  2. Where did you get it done? At the piercing place near the Burger King in the little red box? Hope they’re what you want them to be…:)


    1. It was actually in he underground mall section – I did check the piercing box near BK but they didn’t have a great jewelry selection. And I’m very happy with it 🙂


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