Happy Canada Day!

Today was my country’s birthday, and as such we had to celebrate – albeit in the modest way we Canucks get hoppin.

An impromptu party was put together by Buzz, my favourite foreigner bar in Chungdae, or the main drinking quarter. Everyone was invited to enjoy poutine (ahem…”poutine”…sorry my inner Quebecoise snob couldn’t condone it being referred to as the real thing) and pancakes with maple syrup while listening to classic Canadian tunes like Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan, and Nelly Furtado. People broke out their flannel and jeans and Moosehead beer was served making it a regular party.


Usually I don’t go out drinking mid week, and neither do I celebrate Canada Day, but I had a genuinely good time just out for a couple of hours and chilling. It certainly wasn’t what the Fourth of July will be in a couple of days come Saturday, but I think I prefer our modest patriotism.

So happy birthday, Canada. I tip my Moosehead to you and all other fellow countrymen!

6 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. Been thinking of you and Andrea this a.m. knowing this rainy day is celebrated in its usual low key moderation as is our tradition. Great news to hear that some effort was made by Buzz to celebrate expats even down to the regional dish of poutine. The effort made was there, so don’t slobber too much in your Moosehead.
    Happy Canada Day eh !


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