Worry Doll and the Last Week of Classes

As my last week has approached, a couple of my kids have surprised me by saying things like, “Teacher, miss you!!” and making hearts with their hands.

I even had one girl bring me a very unexpected note.



I was super touched by this, especially because it came at a time when I was feeling despair at having made an impact on these kids at all as most of them had seemed quite blasé when I announced my decision to leave.

Today were my final classes with four of my grades. It was with a measure of relief that I finished these. No prickles of tears or waves of sad: all the more reason why I believe I’m not meant to be a teacher.

To my great surprise though, after one of the classes a grade six girl came to find me so she could give me this:


My co-teacher translated that it was a worry doll, that I tell my worries to it so I can feel better. To my own surprise, I did feel a tear at this. I’ll be keeping it forever.

I also had my student Stable/Olivia/Yubin come to my office with a Google – translated message on her phone wishing me well and thanking me for teaching.

In all it’s weird to think it’s the final week; tomorrow I have my last day at my second school, Seok Seong, and Friday is my final day at Uam with my grades three and four. After this, I have six days of camp and then I’m outta there! (Well, still in Korea – just on vacation).

I’ll update with some goodbye photos on Friday, but just wanted to do a quick update for the moment.

Until next time!

9 thoughts on “Worry Doll and the Last Week of Classes

  1. Yeay for the kids who make you feel special!
    May Life show them a big heart.
    You fulfilled your wish of seeing certain grade levels through to completion. Last year you would have felt more ambivalence about leaving. Now you have certainty that this is not what you want. And certainty is a gift in itself. It means you can move forward without second guessing your decision. It liberates you to explore other options. Freedom is a beautiful thing.

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  2. That worry doll looks just like you! ^0^ Maybe you should start wearing your hair up like that…hehe!

    Sorry that your students were so unaffectionate 😦 It makes going to class so unpleasant because you keep thinking to yourself, “Really? I left behind my whole life and everything I knew for you little shits?” Those girls who wrote you letters are so sweet *^^* I’m sure there were other students who felt the same way, but were really shy or embarrassed to speak to you ❤

    Also: totally jelly that you're free after camp. FREEEEEE~!!! Living vicariously through you so hard


    1. You’re so right ffj !. I’m certain there were other students too shy and relucant for many reasons to speak up and demonstrate their feelings and sentiments. Having experienced both sides of the situation of saying (and not saying) goodbye, good luck and thank you very much believe me the lack of that kind of personal contact does not express the ambivalence but rather the intimidation the social contact of child to adult would probably create. Better to not do or say anything and risk embarrassment. The sincere expressions of thanks and love you received and will receive are but a sampling of the greater number of students you have affected with your presence. That goes for all 4 of you who will depart within the next few months. Cherish the brief memories now if only to savour them much later when you reflect back on your experiences.


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