Summer Camp: Part 1, Day 1

School is officially out for summer which means of course that Korean children are shipped off to many extra curricular classes and learning centres. As is EPIK tradition, to keep Guest English Teachers busy, we host summer camp activities to occupy the kids and get them out of their parents’ hair for a while each day. (You might remember my incomplete postings about my Harry Potter camp in winter 2014 when I was still a chipper new teacher – “Herbology” and “Potions“).

Last summer I painted desert cactus murals with my kids. It was heaps of fun and a great success. All year the dreary hallway has been brightened and it’s made me happy even on the lowest work days. My new principal however isn’t too fond of them; my co-teacher said he doesn’t understand deserts or what cacti are and the murals confuse him. Thus this year he insisted we only paint if it’s “bright”.

I don’t know if it’s bright enough, but I’ve gone for a dinosaur theme. Here’s the progress from day one. image image image My kids were kinda lazy though and left to play on their phones 3/4 of the way through leaving me, my co-teacher,  and one dedicated student to do the more finicky bits.

Still, excited to see how it turns out tomorrow! More updates to come.

7 thoughts on “Summer Camp: Part 1, Day 1

  1. I am loving it already…but am very confused as to WHY are children allowed to have iphones during an activity time/class/camp (makes no difference as to which)! Why would a school permit this? No air-conditioning/heating/leaving the premises for adults…yet children may choose iphones over a planned event?


      1. Yes…to having phones…but certainly no elementary school kids would be allowed to use them during school time!


  2. Those dinos and foliage are fun to look at. Too bad your new principal doesn’t ‘Get it’ re the more arid geography of the planet from last year’s wall mural. Was he looking for ‘massive Monet masterpieces’ of gardens and waterlilies?
    Not surprising that phones get in the way of summer vacation for students. However judging from my school days I just wanted to get the heck out of school and DO MY STUFF. I should invent an APP to apply their finger calisthenics to finger paint on their phones and transfer their imagery to the wall.
    (Hmmmm that gives me an idea)
    I guess you got down to the ‘fiddly bits’ towards the end with those who appreciate finishing a project to the end. Good for you.


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