Summer Camp: Part 1, Day 2, and Errands in the Sun (and Rain)

And so to continue with our summer camp adventures. Today was, to use my co-teacher’s newest vocabulary word, sweltering. It’s probably the hottest day I’ve ever experienced in Korea and temperatures that soared over 40°C at least with 100% humidity.

So while I sat “supervising” my kids (aka melting and near comatose from heat exhaustion), they produced this.




We did this until they lost interest and then had some extra time before starting the movie, so we made some model dinosaurs. My co-teacher and I joined in the fun, because why not? Thus my army of mini sauropods was birthed from my palms.


After that we put the movie on (Ice Age, the one with dinosaurs), and said goodbye to the kids.

That wasn’t the end of it for me though – today was a day of errands, which was unfortunate as it also coincided with it being the day as sweaty as the devil’s ballsack.

First my co-teachers helped me move all the school-owned property from my apartment to their storage space (goodbye pots, pans, cutlery, and dishes). I was really sad to see my micro-oven go considering all the good times we had together baking bread, biscuits, and Christmas cookies – and even more sad when it got dropped during the moving process, smashing the whole glass front to smithereens. (Seriously, my heart broke a little even if it’s no longer mine or going to be used by me again).

After we hauled and lugged and loaded everything to my co-teacher’s car, and then unloaded, re-lugged, and re-hauled the stuff to storage, then it was time for errand two: getting stickers to throw out my bigger items of trash when I fully leave the apartment. Namely, these are blankets and pillows. I’m quite sad that Korea doesn’t seem to have a donation culture – these are perfectly good items still that are worthy of a Salvation Army – but my landlord and co-teacher insist they must be thrown away.

So we went to the local council office, picked up seven stickers for ₩6,500 (around $7), and completed task two.

By this time the sky was looking ominously dark and was threatening a storm. Luckily my co-teacher drove us to the town pension office for task #3: applying to receive my bulk pension sum, a portion of which has been removed from my paycheck each month, when I return to Canada. This went surprisingly painlessly (I’m always intimidated by the paperwork), and in no time I got a paper confirming a return of about $4, 500 in about a month’s time. Well worth running around in the heat for.

Just as we were leaving, the storm broke and the heaven’s opened.

“It’s raining cats and dogs,” my co-teacher said (with notable pride at having used an English idiom).

She drove me to my door step so I wouldn’t get wet, and once I got in I promptly threw off all my clothes and went to collapse on the bed, moist, sticky, and exhausted.

I woke up a few hours later to Ricky telling me to get up for our dinner we were having in honour of meeting a friend’s baby. Luckily the rain had stopped so we walked to the restaurant in air so humid it felt like breathing into a wet cloth.

Dinner was, however, amazing. Samgyeopsal at its finest.


My depression has had me feeling really anxious in social situations lately, so this was the first time I’ve felt so relaxed in a group of people in a long time and it was great. Really going to miss people when I leave.

Anyway stay tuned for tomorrow’s final update of Summer Camp Part 1! Hopefully there will be a finished mural to show off…

10 thoughts on “Summer Camp: Part 1, Day 2, and Errands in the Sun (and Rain)

  1. OH GOD YOUR MICRO-OVEN! *Heart shatter* I seriously lurched a little in my seat reading that T_T

    The humidity today is friggin insane!! Glad to hear that they went with you to the pension office and sorted through your apartment with you ^^ When Adele left she did all of that by herself…that pension pay is pretty sweet, too 😛

    PS: Your sauropods are adorable! Also, hurray for samgyeopsal dinner! 😀 There should be a foodie’s equivalent of frat drinking, but instead we chant, “GORGE GORGE GORGE GORGE!!”


  2. I LOVE those wee dinos!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!
    I felt the loss of the microwave…that is sad.
    As per the pension money…”in a month’s time”…you won’t be there anymore…will they send it to you? Do you have to be in the country to access it?


  3. Yeah your dinos are super adorable pretty palmy pieces. I had to reread the microwave oven episode to make certain I was reading it correctly. !__!
    Yeah for pension $’s. They sure took a good chunk outta the payslip evey month. Consider it ‘moving expenses’. Moving $ out of one place to another.
    Can’t wait to see the final plasterpieces on the wall. A good selection of movie btw and description of the heat .
    Glad you got out and mingled with the locals to gorge.


  4. Meanwhile I noticed someone wearing long-sleeves at your Samgyeopsal dinner… I must have been such a monstrosity in my tank top while visiting Korea.


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