Keeping Crafty: Pinch Pot, Complete!

I missed the post about the glazing step, so let’s just skip to the fun part, which is: THE BOWLS ARE FIRED. THE GLAZE IS BEAUTIFUL. OUR FIRST BOWLS ARE COMPLEEEEEETE

!Featured image



Scott’s bowl



Mia has been absolutely amazing in all of our lessons. Makes me want to hang out in Korea longer just to make more pottery! Coincidentally, both bowls finished at the exact same weight! 600g. Can’t wait to eat a nice bowl of rice out of these ^^

Yesterday we glazed our coiled flower pots and trimmed our slab dishes. I’ll post the finished results soon! ^0^

10 thoughts on “Keeping Crafty: Pinch Pot, Complete!

  1. I’m glad you explored this! You do it beautifully! And SO glad you will ship them home!
    There are pottery places all over the world for you to create in (even in Montreal!)…you can form bonds with different people by creating in every place you go to…and your souvenir of that place will be whatever you make. How’s that for a different spin on travelling?


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