Payday today, which means of course going downtown and having a little shopping fun. For me it also meant indulging in something a little different.

Now I’ve been wanting a nose and lip piercing for months, pinning a butt ton of Pins for inspiration and looking on with envy at all those with gorgeous facial jewelry. I decided though that, in following with the school’s policy to look professional, I’d wait until camp was over.

Well…in short I suck at being patient. Getting my triple forward helix piercing was only enough to curb my cravings for a month and so today I splurged.


I went to two different places in Cheingju’s shinae area. The nose ring I had done at Wolf Man for ₩18,000 (about $20), on a side street before the CGV and after the McDonald’s. They were great and professional in a fairly spacious store. Sadly, despite having a wide range of jewelry they didn’t have great selections for lip piercings.

I went to the underground mall for my lip instead, where I got my ear done. Despite being much smaller and more cramped, they had way more studs to choose from and I got exactly what I wanted for only ₩16,000 ($18). Surprisingly the lip piercing was also the one that hurt least (except when I stupidly tried to eat sweet chili sauce half an hour later and it stung like a bitch). My nose set off my tear ducts so my eyes were streaming so much he gave me a tissue.

Eventually I want to put a ring in either my nose or lip so I can aspire to look like this:

Dat red lipstick tho.

Anyway I’m super happy with how they’ve turned out. As for my school, I have three days left of camp and I figured what are they going to do, fire me? So long as the kids don’t go trying to grab at them…

If you’re thinking about getting piercings in Korea though, I highly recommend it. Unlike tattoos, this form of body modification here is super cheap and clean. Koreans like shiny jewelry so you’ll have a bunch of stuff to decide between. Even ear gauges are really popular here – though mostly among the younger generation. Now that I’ve started paying attention though, I’ve noticed at least half Koreans I run into have multiple ear piercings and many stores carry cartilage specific earrings.

In all, definitely worth getting stuff done here before you leave. I know I’m getting at least one more ear piercing done before booking it back to Canada, soon as my triple forward helix heals up enough to sleep on it regularly.

If you have any questions about getting stabbed by needles here for the sake of bedazzlement, shoot them my way! In the meantime, have a good weekend.

8 thoughts on “Shiny

  1. Love them! I’ve wanted a nose piercing for ever. It actually would mean something to me because of my great love for India…. I just don’t know how Feli would take it…. Anyhow just writing to say that you should get everything you want done in Korea because it is MUCH MUCH more expensive here in Canada da’arling! Maybe now that I’m retired I’ll do it… hmmm…..


    1. You should definitely go for it! It’s funny you say you don’t have one because in my mind’s eye/memory I seem to imagine you with a stud. Weird how the mind plays tricks! In any case, go for it 🙂 I’m sure Feli will love it


  2. Stabby stabby, shiny shiny~!

    Boo yeah to the cheap-ass piercings here. So clean, so many jewelry choices, and the shops are so nice! They’re like jewelry boutiques, not just intimidatingly hardcore alternative shops. Thank god K-Pop stars started the cartilage trend here 😛 Your piercings look fabulous and the lip hoop will be even more beautiful! Then you’ll have to post a pic with red lipstick 😉

    Omggguuhhhh wanna get more piercings now…AHH!


  3. I know you’ve wanted the nose one done since forever…you took your time, but you got it.
    As a mom, I’m right up there fretting about teeth and root injuries because of the lip piercing, no matter how pretty it is…but you know that.
    Apart from treating yourself, I’ll bet this has a TEENY subliminal stab at the anti-piercing rules you were given before going to Korea. A wee way to allow your personal self to surface after having been stifled by the long list of what you cannot do. The “OBEY” command just stopped functioning.


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