Summer Camp: Part 1, Day 3

And at last we have finished the mural! Had to be a bit of a Nazi in getting them to actually finish to 100% completion (they’d left like 2% to be finished but kept running into the classroom where I’d put on the AC).

But anyway here they are in action and the completed murals.




After that we had the activity all the kids were looking forward to most: my classic ice cream making.

It was so hot that even though I’d been blasting the air conditioning all morning, the ice melted super quickly and left giant lakes around the classroom floors and desks. One team’s ice cream took forever to solidify, so everyone pitched in to help shake it up.


Luckily after adding more salt to the ice it finally worked and they managed to eat their well-earned desserts. They were even sweet enough to give me a couple of spoonfuls as thanks for helping too (noms homemade ice cream).

Sadly the computer wasn’t working so there wasn’t a movie I could show, but by that time we only had half an hour left anyway so I gave them all word searches and they were incredibly quiet until going home. It was awesome and so relaxing.

Finally I said a big goodbye to them all as it was my last time ever seeing them and we parted ways. In all a great success.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my summer camp in which I entertain my grade 3/4’s!

3 thoughts on “Summer Camp: Part 1, Day 3

  1. Those dinos are so cute…and bright. I think you definitely fulfilled the request/requirement for bright!
    What a great finale…painting and homemade ice cream. My kind of day.
    I hope they remember it fondly years from now.


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