Some Cherry Tomatoes With Your Glasses?

One of the the things that irks me about Korea is, oddly, also something that can make it endearing. I’m talking about the lack of professionism and/or casualness in the way business is conducted. It can be very strange when it’s in circumstances where the manager of a store or fast food place is chilling their friend behind the counter and basically ignores you, but can lead to happy surprises too.

For instance, today Ricky and I went to buy some glasses and the man working there insisted on giving us $8 off our combined purchases as well as pushing a big bagful of cherry tomatoes on us.


Nowhere back home would anyone do that. In fact if anyone tried to force fresh food into your hands in a ghetto plastic bag you probably wouldn’t touch it. But here, there’s no reason to be suspicious – they’re honestly just being kind.

Also never would you see a manager just knock off some dollars from the price for no reason: it’s a business transaction with a set price back home, no generosity included.

So I’m definitely going to miss stuff like that. Oh quirky Korea.

6 thoughts on “Some Cherry Tomatoes With Your Glasses?

  1. I’m much relieved and even glad that you are finding positive things to remember about Korea. Keep on finding new things so that the whole experience becomes a positive on balance.


  2. Omg those tomatoes look perfectly ripe! ♡_♡ It’s amazing how freely food is shared here – as opposed to back home where suspicion is the rule. People are so sweetly innocent here, almost. I was watching a rap video on the bus and was like, “Have you ever killed a man? Did you ever grow up in the inner city and have metal detectors at your school?” It’s soooo much kinder and softer here!


  3. Sweet! The innocence of small-town-ways in a city. These are the kind of memories to cherish. I wish there had been more of them. There may have been, but you might have missed them because you had shut down when enough was enough of the crap. This is one of those tricky maneuvers to learn in Life…selective shut down that filters out the bad stuff but allows the precious bits to come through…like hanging a dream-catcher over Life for moments instead of dreams.


    1. That is true. I know there have been many moments like this but I either didn’t have the heart or energy to post about them or only realized too late someone was trying to be nice…but there were nice times in Korea too.


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