Summer Camp: Part 2, Day 2

Today went quite well. Started with the powerpoints about murals and dinosaurs I had to skip due to yesterday’s computer malfunction and the kids loved it – especially the size comparisons I put in comparing humans to dinosaurs and then trying to pronounce their names (an ultimate challenge only my two years in ESL have prepared me for – seriously, you try getting a roomful of grade 3’s and 4’s to say pachycephalosaurus).

Anyway I encouraged them to make the dinosaurs as colourful as possible. I did indeed get some creative outcomes, but I’ll save my favourite for last.


Also apologies for the poor quality images; the screen of my phone’s camera broke and the way the light falls in the windows refracts across the lens really badly. I have tried to edit them to the best of my VSCO app capabilities!







And my favourite…


Peace and love rainbow pride ankylosaurus with a spanked pink ass, tiny dick, and a stick figure just as a genteel nod towards creationism. This dinosaur is a fucking win.

I had to scold the kids for getting mix happy and wasting a bunch of paint by stirring generous portions of colours into sludgy gray puddles. We compromised and used these to outline the figures, though this ended up getting…messy, to say the least. Paint was everywhere – the floor, the kids, their clothing, the tables, flecks on the mural where they shouldn’t be…and this is excitement without them having done the ice cream activity yet.

Anyway my last day of work is tomorrow. I get the fun of clearing out my desk and trying to find a new home for Barry Potter, my pot plant palm.

Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Summer Camp: Part 2, Day 2

  1. You’ve got a pot plant? Oh you mean a potted palm. OK got it.
    I’m really curious how the student came up with the rainbow on the belly of the dino. Was it a coincidence? Whatever the reason those dinos are very entertaining; right down to the little one popping out with the egg shell on its head.
    they may have become extinct but they still live on in our minds, murals and museums.


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